Passport To Adventure
Hike Leader Info


Hike Leaders are encouraged to participate in the Dayton Hikers Passport To Adventure program. Participation is totally voluntary and is not required. The purpose of the program is to get more people on your hikes and encourage our members to hike in a variety of parks.

Hike Leaders are important to making this program work as you are the ones to hand out stickers.

Hike Leaders: 

Request stickers for the parks in which you plan to lead hikes. Link:

You’ll receive the stickers and a complimentary passport in the mail in a few days.

Hand out a sticker to those people who have presented their passport to you or have “Passport Adventurer” by their name.

It’s that simple!

If you run out of stickers please request more.


Important Considerations

  • Lead hikes as you normally would. 
  • Hikers can earn up to three stickers per hike depending on the hike.
  • Example: You lead a hike that goes through Clifton Gorge, John Bryan, and Glen Helen. Each park has its own sticker, so participants can earn three park stickers.
  • Example: You lead a night hike in an urban area on a bike path that is also the Buckeye Trail. Participants can earn three stickers for this hike, but not four.
  • Your hike must be posted on the Dayton Hikers site for hikers to receive a sticker. Cross-posting your hike in other groups is fine.
  • Feel free to include in your event description that you will be handing out stickers and which stickers people can earn.
  • Only give stickers to people who have a passport. People can’t collect stickers before purchasing a passport. This program is for passport holders only.
  • People who have a passport should present it to you to receive a sticker. You can give stickers to a person who has “Passport Adventurer” by their name in their Dayton Hikers profile. This means they have purchased a passport.
  • You can hand out stickers before or after the hike whichever is easiest for you.  
  • You should hike at least one mile in each park for it to qualify for a sticker. Same with the specialty stickers below. 
  • Bike Path Hike: Any hike on a paved bike path qualifies. 
  • Night Hike: Any part of a hike that is at night qualifies. The entire hike does not need to be a night hike. It should be dark enough to use a flashlight with the exception of a full moon hike.
  • Urban Hike: Any hike in an urban area qualifies. It does not have to be in downtown Dayton.
  • Buckeye Trail: The Buckeye Trail goes though Caesar Creek State Park, Eastwood MetroPark, and Taylorsville MetroPark. It also (mostly) follows the Mad River bike path and the Great Miami River bike path.
  • North Country Trail: Follows the same route as the Buckeye Trail, however, the North Country Trail does not go through Caesar Creek State Park.
  • Twin Valley Trail: Any part of the TVT in Germantown MetroPark or Twin Creek MetroPark or the Connector Trail qualifies.
  • Caesar Creek Gorge State Nature Preserve: Caesar Creek Gorge State Nature Preserve is accessed from Corwin Road. The area below Caesar Creek Dam does not qualify as it is not part of the state nature preserve. 
  • Brukner Nature Center: There is an admission fee of $2.50 per person from Monday through Saturday. There is no admission charge on Sunday.

Thank You!




For more information about this program contact:

Andy Niekamp at