Donate To Dayton Hikers



We Don’t Charge Membership Dues

The group operates on voluntary donations only.

By donating at least $10 you will become a donating member of Dayton Hikers for the year. You can donate online, by mail or in-person. It is not free to run Dayton Hikers. It costs money to have a Meetup site plus there are many other special event expenses. Please donate and help keep Dayton Hikers online!

How To Donate:


Preferred Method

With a credit card, debit card, or electronic check using PayPal:

Please use the option Friends & Family to avoid fees


By Mail 
Mail a check to:
Dayton Hikers
c/o Andy Niekamp
650 Renolda Woods Ct
Dayton, OH 45429

In Person 
See Andy Niekamp at a hike or other event.

Thank you for your support!



Nothing gets done in Dayton Hikers unless a volunteer does it.

Nothing gets paid for in Dayton Hikers unless someone donates.