Hike Organizer Guidelines



Hiking is a healthy, social and popular activity. People enjoy meeting and conversing with their fellow hikers in a natural setting while getting physical exercise. Leading hikes can be a fun and rewarding experience. These guidelines will help the hike leader to make the hike a successful experience for all.


Accurately describe the hike you are leading. Lead the hike that you described.


Specify how many miles your hike is. Estimate how long your hike will last.


State the pace of your hike as easy, moderate, brisk or fast. A general rule of thumb, for trails in our area, is:
Slow = 1.0+ mph
Moderate = 2.0+ mph
Brisk = 3.0+ mph
Running = 4.0+ mph


If you list your hike for beginners, make sure your group stays together at all times.


Include in your hike description any special equipment needed or any special considerations about your hike.


Decide if guests are permitted. If so, indicate how many guests a person can bring.


If you do not want dogs or children on your hike please say this in the description. Remember that we have parks and preserves in the Dayton area which do not allow dogs.


Be familiar with the route you are hiking. If you are not familiar with the route or if the hike is a scouting mission please say so in the description.


Give accurate directions to the starting location of your hike.


Respond to questions about your hike.




Show up early for your hike. Make yourself visible at the trailhead.
Introduce yourself. Ask the hike participants to introduce themselves too.


Ask if this is anyone’s first hike with Dayton Hikers. If so please welcome them.


Take a group photo.


Begin your hike on time.


Hike at the pace you put in the hike description. If you don’t wish to be in the lead make sure those who are hike at that pace.


In the event of an emergency call 911. Don’t hesitate. Safety is #1.




Ensure everyone returns to their cars safely. Don’t leave anyone behind without their permission.


Thank everyone for attending.


Give out the actual mileage, if known, and the duration of the hike.
Upload any photos that you took to Meetup.


Mark anyone who signed up but did not show up as a “no show”.


Schedule your next hike!




You are free to schedule events whenever you wish. However, please do not schedule an event on the same day as one of our special events like our Annual Birthday Picnic and Buckeye Trail Winter Hike, and the same day/time as our Get Togethers. We only have 2-3 of these events a year.
If you wish to schedule a hike on the same day, same time and same park as another hike on the calendar please check with the other hike organizer first. Be courteous and see if this is ok with them. Respect their wishes if it is not.
Please only post hikes and events that you are organizing, leading and attending. If you wish to post an event on behalf of another person, group or organization please contact the Group Organizer for permission. We are very generous at posting other hiking related events that are of interest to our members but we don’t post all of them.
The correct spelling our park designation is MetroPark. Please note the P is a capital letter.
Thank you for orgainizing events for Dayton Hikers!