OutdoorX Volunteering
Used Gear Sales – Dayton Hikers Booth
October 5 – 6, 2019



Thank you for volunteering to help at the Used Gear Sales & Dayton Hikers Booth At OutdfoorX! Here are some helpful instructions to make your volunteer gig even better. The work is easy and fun!

Used Gear Sales and the Dayton Hikers booth is located in the picnic shelter next to the lagoon at Eastwood MetroPark. It is located half way between the restroom building and the bridge over the lagoon. Map Link

Show up at Used Gear Sales / Dayton Hikers booth 10 minutes before your shift begins. We will do a brief orientation. Also, This gives you time to get acclimated to see how the booth runs.

Allow plenty of time for parking and locating the Dayton Hikers booth. This will take longer than you expect.

Bring a water bottle that can be refilled. There are water bottle refilling stations at OutdoorX but single-use bottled water sales will be hard to find.



You will help check-in used gear, tag it, sell it and pay the proceeds to the seller. Please read  this web page  and  this web page . More information will be given to you at the event.



As people wander up to the booth greet them and say hello. Introduce yourself. If they are interested in hiking give them a Dayton Hikers business card. Encourage them to join. Explain how a Meetup group operates.

I always like to tell people that: We don’t have dues, we don’t have officers, we don’t have meetings, we don’t have a newsletter we just go hiking! Joining the group is fast free and easy. Everything they need to know about our group is on the web site.

The two free things we hand out are business cards and candy.

You will get asked questions about where to hike. Answer to the best of ability. No need to make up any answers or talk beyond your experience Tell them to visit the Five Rivers MetroParks booth for trail maps and information on our parks and the Dayton Hikers web site for places to go.

Dayton Hikers shirts are $15. We have a wide variety of colors and styles in both short sleeve and long sleeve and unisex and ladies fit.. The shirts are in a plastic bin with each size in a different shopping bag. Please keep the shirts organized by size. We have sizes of Small through XX-Large. If you don’t see it in our inventory we don’t have it.

Shirt Pickup: A number of members will stop by and ask to pick up the shirt they ordered. These shirts are individually bagged and marked with the person’s name. No payment is need as these shirts are paid for. Look for these shirts in a second plastic bin.

Decal & Whistles. 
Dayton Hikers decals are $3 and whistles are $1.

Donating Members. 
Some Dayton Hikers members will wish to make a donation at the booth to become a Donating Member. Give them a donating member envelope to complete which includes their name, email and Meetup profile name.

Payment Types Accepted: Cash and credit cards. No checks.  See Andy for any credit card sales as these payments are processed on his smartphone. Keep Dayton Hikers funds seperate from Used Gear Sales funds.

Feel free to linger after your shift ends and help train the next shift of booth volunteers.

Thank You!